Flow Sensors

Flow sensors detect the flow rate of liquids and gases; flow meters simultaneously monitor flow rate, fluid temperature and volume.

SI Flow Switch For Liquids And Gases

  • AC and DC power for switching or analog output
  • Flow and temperature monitoring
  • Replaces mechanical switches for monitoring liquids and gases
  • Wide measuring range to cover more applications

SR, SF Remote Flow Switch For Liquids And Gases

  • Sensor connects to variety of control monitors
  • 2-piece monitoring system for remote flow indication
  • Idea for applications where mounting space is limited
  • Monitors available with AC or DC power

SB Mechatronic Flow Switch For Liquids

  • Flow rates up to 26 gpm
  • DC switching output
  • Easy to set: turn dial to desired switch-point up to 26 gpm
  • Immune to rapid temperature changes of media