Hydraulic Accessories

Stauff offers an extensive range of hydraulic accessories for hydraulic reservoirs, power units, industrial applications, and mobile applications. Custom designs are available upon request.

Fluid Level / Temperature Indicators

  • Level gauges
  • Compact design level gauges
  • Dial thermometer with probes for use with level gauges
  • Temperature sensors for use with level gauge
  • Temperature sensors with direct installation set
  • Display / evaluation unit for us with temperature sensors
  • Signal convertor for use with temperature sensors
  • Metal or plastic sight glasses

Tank Filler Breathers

  • Screw-in plastic filler breathers
  • Flange plastic filler breathers
  • Compact plastic filler breather
  • Screw-in metal filler breather
  • Bayonet filler breathers
  • Lockable filler breathers
  • Side mount brackets
  • Extend bayonet flanges
  • Weld risers
  • Welded plastic filler breathers

Giant Air Breathers

  • 3µm synthetic fibre giant air breathers
  • 10 µm cellulose giant air breathers
  • Metal or plastic basket accessories

Desiccant Air Breathers

  • Economy desiccant air breathers
  • Desiccant air breathers with check valves
  • Adaptor plates
  • Visual contamination indicator

Suction Line Accessories

  • Polyamide end cap suction strainers
  • Aluminum end cap suction strainers
  • NPT tank mounted suction strainer
  • SAE O-ring tank mounted suction strainer
  • Hose barb tank mounted suction strainer
  • Weld or suction flanges

Return Line Accessories

  • Diffusers with NPT thread
  • Diffusers with BSP thread
  • Return Line Bushings

Other Reservoir Accessories

  • Reservoir end covers
  • Motor pump adaptors for electric motors
  • Foot mount brackets for hydraulic pumps
  • Baffle adaptors
  • Seal kits

Stauff Clean

  • Pipe, tube and hose cleaning system
  • Launcher and launcher kits
  • Nozzle and Nozzle Sets
  • Projectiles