Stauff offers a versatile range on components for monitoring and analyzing hydraulic fluids in systems. Customized special parts and special product combinations are available.

SAE Split Flange Halves

  • Split flange halves
  • Flat style split flange halves

SAE Flange Clamps

  • Flange clamps
  • Flat style flange clamps
  • Flange clamps with metric tapped holes

SAE 90° Single-Part

  • 90° Single-part screw-in NPT threaded
  • 90° Single-part screw-in BSPP threaded
  • 90° Single-part butt weld flanges
  • 90° Single-part metric butt weld flanges
  • 90° Single-part socket weld flanges

SAE Single-Part

  • Single-part screw-in NPT threaded
  • Single-part screw-in BSPP threaded
  • Single-part screw-in metric
  • Single-part weld flanges
  • Single-part socket weld flanges
  • Single-part fitting flange

SAE Adaptors

  • Butt weld flange adapters
  • Socket weld flange adaptors

SAE Plates

  • Sandwich plate - female BSPP port
  • Sandwich plate
  • Cover plate